I'm Curtis, a university sophomore and a technology fanatic.

I'm currently studying at Carleton University for a Bachelor of Engineering in Software. In my spare time, I enjoy video games, camping and tinkering with whatever device I can get my hands on. I take pride in doing things myself; I enjoy setting up my own systems from the ground up, managing and writing software for them that make life easier for others and myself. I'm an avid Linux user, and I love using the resources I have at hand to the fullest extent of my abilities.

I used to work in information security at Bell Canada, where I was employed on and off since Summer 2018. Some of the code I write is published to my GitLab. This includes my biggest published project, Spinda, a Discord bot designed to make information from the Pokémon video games as accessible as possible. I mainly program in Go and Python, but I have experience in a wide variety of languages and technologies such as databases (SQL and Elasticsearch), Node.js, web development, C and Bash.

If you want to reach out to me, send me an email at 110percent@riseup.net. You can also find me on LinkedIn.